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At Seals Diving Center since 2022 we have started creating a system for filling diving tanks (filling station) of high requirements and specifications. The project is estimated to be completed by the end of 2023.

In our diving center you will find an air compressor that supplies 345 liters per minute and 156,000 liters of stored air for immediate use.

While we have the ability to fill up to 8 bottles at the same time.

Our facilities are fully harmonized with the European Union directive EN12021.

Why us?

  • Through special filters in the air intake, small particles and dust are retained and CO2 is reduced to 1/3.
  • Fast filling, fills bottles in 6.4 minutes (from 0 to 200 bar 11.1l bottle)
  • Ability to fill bottles up to 400 bar
  • We protect the health of your tank by retaining moisture and cooling the air
  • We ensure the correct operation of the air compressor through automations that stop its operation in case of contaminated air
  • Ability to comfortably fill a tank through the air reservoir we have
  • Ability to print proof (receipt) of air quality with Co, Co2, O2, He, temperature, humidity and voc measurements.
  • Possibility of producing mixtures with any percentage of oxygen or helium (nitrox, trimix)
  • Possibility of filling the bottle to a percentage above 50% O2 at a pressure of up to 320bar
  • Possibility of collection and delivery to your place

Filling station anatomy

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Delivery and pick-up service

We provide you with the possibility, with a small charge, to receive or even deliver the diving tanks filled, ready for use at your location

  • Pickup and delivery is on the sidewalk (on road, without entering in buildings)
  • Tanks should have valid date of hydrostatic test and visual inspection
  • Same day delivery available upon request
  • During the receiving process, the tank will be checked and inspected. If the tank is not in good condition or if it does not have the corresponding certificates in force, there is a chance that we will not receive it

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