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Diving equipment maintenance & service department

At the Seals Diving Center, the diving equipment inspection and service  department operates according to the relevant legislation as well as the directives of the European Union and the manufacturing companies. The owners of diving equipment (human life support devices) owe their regular and proper maintenance (service) by certified technicians.

Equipment that require service


  • Breathing regulator
  • Buoyancy Control Device (BCD)
  • Tank valves
  • Tanks

Procedure for inspecting, cleaning and replacing parts

In order:

  1. Visual inspection of the external condition of pipes and fittings
  2. Recording of first measurements (intermediate pressure and inspiratory resistance pressure – cracking point)
  3. Disassembly
  4. Cleaning according to the protocols of each company
  5. Replacement of worn parts
  6. Assemblage
  7. Control and recording of final measurements (intermediate pressure and inspiratory resistance pressure – cracking point)
digital magnehetic

According to European standards, any mixture of breathable air with a percentage greater than 21% should be treated in the same way as pure oxygen. Therefore, equipment that comes into contact with high-pressure breathable air of such oxygen content must be cleaned (oxygen clean) according to the corresponding standards.

Delivery and pick-up service

We provide you with the possibility, with a small charge, to receive or even deliver your scuba equipment that is for service  ready for use at your location


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Diving equipment maintenance & service


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