Zero to hero

0 - Hero

Did you always wanted to be a dive professional?

But you haven't tried it yet.

Are you thinking about how long it will take to become a scuba Instructor and how much you need to pay?

So, this program is just for you!

'' Zero to Hero '' is made for you who are not a certified diver yet,

and you will start from the first level.

The goal was to adjust the duration and the cost of training .

In this program you will go through all the required levels until you become an Instructor.

You will need only 6 months!


The organization that certifies our diving center and millions of divers around the wold is PADI.

Below, in the flowchart you can see the different levels and specialties you can choose.

The first level is the Padi open water course and your final is Padi Speciality Instructor.

Our staff is fully trained and is going to help you with your new begginning .

Also, we will be by your side to show you how to explore this wonderful 'world' of diving.

The owner of Seals diving center and principal trainer is Master scuba Instructor.

These are the main courses you will take :

The cost for this program is 3.600 euros.

Padi fees and crewpacks are not included in the price.

Don't hasitate to contact with us for anything you need.

You can make a call or sign the contact form.