Discover Scuba Diving on a boat

Discover Scuba Diving on a boat

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To start with, we are going to take some time (not long but meaningful) in a diving theory class.

During which we are going to talk about everything you should know before going in the water (diving equipment, basic diving principals, communication signals, common safe diving practice, skills, etc) and discuss any questions that might come up. After that, we are going to the boat and start our trip! First stop on a shallow water beach (1,5 meters) where we are going to wear the scuba equipment and get in touch with the underwater experience for the first time in a safe environment. When we are done we will go back up the boat for some rest and snacks, while we will be transferring to our 2nd dive site which is going to be in a maximum depth of 12 meters this time. Getting there, and after having built up a better diving confidence, we are going to dive and enjoy the fantastic underwater world. Its dive lasts 30-40 minutes.

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